• Author : Sri Nikitha Kalidindi


ZTP with Arista Switches

Overview This article is intended to discuss zero to one of ZTP. Introduction Zero Touch Provisioning(ZTP) is a feature that allows users to initially provision Arista network switches without user interaction. The switch enters ZTP mode whenever the device comes up without a start-up configuration in flash. It remains in ZTP mode until a user cancels ZTP mode, or until the switch retrieves a startup-config or a boot script. After downloading a file through ZTP, the switch reboots again, using the startup configurations from the retrieved file. To provision the switch through Zero Touch Provisioning Step 1: Mount the switch...
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Console Troubleshooting Guide

Objective The objective of this document is to outline the common issues faced while using a console cable/server to access an Arista Switch. This document lists the troubleshooting steps to isolate the issue with these connections. Introduction In order to access the device, we use either an SSH or a Console connection. Normally, the console port is used for serial access to the switch and is used in the following cases: • initial provisioning of the device manually (when the management ports are not assigned IP addresses) • the device is inaccessible remotely via SSH Please refer to the appropriate...
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