• Author : Gustavo Lau


MACsec Bypass for LLDP

A MACsec port with this feature enabled transmits LLDP frames without MACSec encryption and receives LLDP frames with or without MACsec encryption.  This feature allows intermediary non-MACsec devices between MACsec peers to be able to process the LLDP frames from MACsec devices. Platform compatibility DCS-7280CR2M-30 DCS-7280SRAM-48C6 DCS-7280SRM-40CX2 DSC-7500R-8CFPX-LC DCS-7500RM-36CQ-LC DCS-7500R2M-36CQ-LC Configuration By default this feature is disabled and it needs to be explicitly added in the mac security profile for the corresponding MACsec port to enable it.  Please note that et49_1 is the name of the mac security profile in the following examples. 7280(config-mac-security-profile-et49_1)#l2-protocol lldp bypass To disable this feature:...
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