• Author : Hariram Natarajan


Tunnel Preferences and Related Enhancements

Description Configuring the IGP cost for tunnels is a feature that allows influencing the BGP best path selection for routes resolving over MPLS tunnels. It works by overriding the existing preference (which is inherited from the underlying IGP) with the user defined preference. Platform compatibility This feature is supported on all Arista devices. Configuration Tunnel preferences can be statically configured by going under the tunnel-ribs mode, selecting the tunnel rib (system or custom) and setting it for a specific protocol. bgprtr1(config)#tunnel-ribs bgprtr1(config-tunnel-ribs)#tunnel-rib custom2 bgprtr1(config-tunnel-rib-custom2)#source-protocol ldp igp-cost preference 20 Show Commands If IGP preferences for tunnels are configured, ‘show running config’...
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