• Author : Lakshmana Sitarama Kishore Suri


sFlow extension BGP in multi-agent

Description Sflow samples can be augmented with additional Extended gateway data by getting data from BGP in addition to sFlow’s standard IP information. The additional BGP information can be seen in sFlow Version 5 doc under extended_gateway. Extended gateway data was already supported in gated mode. Now it is being supported for multi-agent mode (arBGP). Platform compatibility This feature is supported on all platforms. Configuration A BGP instance must be configured on the switch for BGP sFlow export to operate. rtr1(config)#sflow run rtr1(config)#sflow extension bgp Show Commands bgprtr1(config)#show sflow sFlow Configuration ------------------- Destination(s): (VRF: default) Source(s): (VRF: default)...
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