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Curl’ing with EOS and third party devices

Perhaps you’re aware that EOS is based on Linux, which comes with many powerful & useful built-in utilities. I recently wrote an EOS Central article on sed. Even if you are not a pure networking person (perhaps you’re a server person), many of the familiar Linux tools you have used in your past exist on EOS natively today. One of my customers recently shared an experience with me that made me smile because they had now started to embrace the Linux underpinnings & power of EOS after running into a configuration challenge with a 3rd party (television) broadcast IP/SDI gateway...
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A simple GNU sed example on EOS

Hopefully by now you are aware that Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System), which is the operating system that runs on Arista switches, is based on Linux. From the CLI you can drop to the Bash shell by just typing bash. Given that EOS is based on Linux you already have access to many of the helpful utilities seen in many Linux distributions. Let’s pretend that you have a configuration file that was copied over from another very similar configuration and that the only thing that needs to change is every occurrence of IP addresses that look like 10.0.x.y. This is...
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A Simple OSPF Configuration

At this point in your networking career you’ve mastered the L2 domain. I can recall several years ago when I was an embedded software engineer (programming NPUs – Network Processing Units for a networking startup) meeting a colleague that was a master of the L2 domain. This individual knew everything you wanted to know about L2, including non-Ethernet protocols. Then came the day when I was drawing a network diagram with L3 interfaces and diagramming the packet formats at the points of ingress and egress through each L3 hop. My L2 Grandmaster looked at me with a blank stare. I...
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