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Management SFP port configuration

Description This article describes speed configuration for the management SFP port. Platform compatibility DCS-7300-SUP2 DCS-7300-SUP2-D DCS-7368-SUP DCS-7368-SUP-D DCS-7800-SUP Configuration The user may configure the management SFP port’s speed to either “auto” or “forced 1000full”. The default value is “auto”. switch(config)#interface ma1/2 switch(config-if-Ma1/2)#speed forced 1000full Show Commands The port’s configuration settings can be seen using the following command. switch(config-if-Ma1/2)#show interface ma1/2 status Port Name Status Vlan Duplex Speed Type Flags Encapsulation Ma1/2 connected routed full 1G 1000BASE-T Limitations The speed “forced 1000half” is not supported. Attempts to set the speed to this value will result in a silent failure. The port’s...
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