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Logical Port Management

Description Logical ports are hardware resources that are required to activate interfaces. Logical ports are organized in pools, which are split between a number of interfaces. The logical port pool to interface mapping is product-specific. Some products may have a smaller number of logical ports than the total number of interfaces due to hardware restrictions. As a result, not all interfaces can be activated and pass traffic at the same time. This document describes the configuration to allocate or release a logical port to or from an interface. This configuration can be used to select a set of interfaces to...
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7368X4 Interface Configuration and Behavior

Description This document describes the configuration and behavior of physical interfaces on the 7368-series switches and Linecards (LC) including: Speed Logical ports Forward Error Correction (FEC) Precoding Transceiver Online Insertion and Removal (OIR) Hardware Description The 7368-series switch has 1 Switchcard slot and 8 usable Linecard slots. All 8 Linecard slots support Linecard Online Insertion and Removal. Linecards There are 8 slots on 7368-series switch and each slot is compatible with any of the following Linecards: 7368-16C 7368-4D/7368-4P 7368-16C Each 7368-16C Linecard has 8 pairs of (QSFP28, QSFP56) ports where each pair contains one QSFP28 100G port and one QSFP56...
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