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EOS VrfLeak Agent

Description VrfLeak is an agent in EOS that uses configured route-maps to take routes from one VRF and load them into another one.  This is independent from and complementary to the BGP VPN method of route leaking (Inter-VRF Local Route Leaking).  It does not require configuration of BGP. Platform compatibility The VrfLeak agent is supported on all EOS devices, but only with the routing system in multi-agent mode. Configuration Configure a route-map to leak routes from “VRF1” to “VRF2” using a route-map named “RM1” EOS(config)#router general EOS(config-router-general)#vrf VRF2 EOS(config-router-general-vrf-VRF2)#leak routes source-vrf VRF1 subscribe-policy RM1 Routes in VRF “VRF1” that match...
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Multicast forwarding using BESS (MFA)

Description The PIM routing protocol builds multicast routing state based on control packets and multicast data events. In our current implementation, we rely on the Linux kernel to notify the PIM agents regarding the multicast data events. Also, the Linux kernel forwards a multicast data packet before hardware gets programmed to do so. As an alternative to the Linux kernel, Multicast Forwarding based on BESS ( Berkeley Extensible Soft Switch ), MFA, can be used to generate multicast data events and forward multicast data packets. As the first release of MFA, it is officially supported for IPv6 PIM SSM. Although...
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