• Author : Neha Sakhalkar


Use cases for CCF vCenter integration

Overview This article will describe some supported and unsupported scenarios for interface-group creation on Converged Cloud Fabric (CCF) based on NIC teaming and load balancing policy used on the vCenter side.  It is applicable for Converged Cloud Fabric (CCF) deployments using vCenter integration. Following NIC teaming policies are supported on the vCenter side: Routing based on IP hash Source MAC hash Originating virtual port Explicit failover order  Routing based on physical NIC load. The teaming policies will be broadly classified as either IP-hash (Route based on IP hash) or non-IP-hash policies (remaining 4 policies) on the CCF side. With CCF...
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Installing/Uninstalling a software patch on an Arista device

Overview This article details the steps needed to install/uninstall patches on Arista devices. Installation Steps Check the hardware platform and the EOS version running on the device using the “show version” command: Switch#show version Arista DCS-7150S-52-CL-F Hardware version: 02.01 Software image version: 4.20.11M Architecture: i386 If specified, ensure the device to which the patch needs to be applied is running on a relevant EOS release and is of the relevant platform. Patch installation on single supervisor/fixed system switches Step1: Download the patch extension file (.rpm or .swix file) and copy it to the “flash:” (/mnt/flash) directory of the device using...
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