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BGP Prefix Independent Convergence
(Multi-agent routing protocol mode)

Description The BGP Prefix Independent Convergence (PIC) Edge feature refers to fast re-convergence of traffic destined for BGP prefixes on a network event affecting the best path(s) such that the time taken to switch traffic from the active best path(s) to the next best path (i.e. backup path) is independent of the number of prefixes. The above behavior is achieved by pre-programming the best path and alternate backup path in the forwarding agent in steady state. This feature was introduced in EOS-4.15.0F and enhanced in EOS-4.18.0F (links to their TOIs can be found in the Resource section below). In both...
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Override IGP cost of BGP next hop

One of the steps in the BGP best path selection algorithm compares the IGP cost of the BGP next hop, preferring the path with the lower cost. This step can be skipped by setting the CLI configuration bgp bestpath skip next-hop igp-cost. However, this configuration has global scope. To enable skipping the IGP cost comparison on a per prefix basis, a new route map set statement, set next-hop igp-metric, is introduced. This new route map statement overrides the IGP cost value being used in BGP best path selection. Overriding the IGP costs of different BGP paths to the same value effectively renders...
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Remove ARP from L3 when MAC L2 port is down

This feature removes an ARP entry when the physical port, on which the ARP entry’s MAC address is learned, goes down. This feature applies only to dynamic ARP entries, not static ARP entries. In addition, if the physical port, which is down, is a member of a LAG, ARP entries are not removed if the LAG remains up (due to other members still being up). ARP entries will be removed if the LAG interface goes down. Platform compatibility This feature is platform independent. Configuration This feature is configurable on a per L3 interface basis. By default, it is disabled. The following example...
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