• Author : Jonathan Kehler


Allow resolution over BGP aggregates

Description Adds the ability to revert to previous behavior where BGP and static routes could resolve over BGP aggregates (when the aggregate is the longest-prefix-match (LPM) for the route) and be installed in the FIB. Provided for backward compatibility purposes. Platform compatibility Supported on all platforms. Configuration To enable this backward compatibility, run: (config)# router general (config-router-general)# next-hops resolution bgp aggregates allowed To disable, run: (config)# router general (config-router-general)# no next-hops resolution bgp aggregates allowed

Identifying BGP aggregate contributors in outbound policy

Description This feature adds a new match clause for outbound route maps. The new match clause allows matching on 1) any BGP aggregate contributor or 2) a specific BGP aggregate’s contributor. Matching on BGP aggregate contributors allows for the selective application of attributes (such as communities) to said contributors; these attributes can then be used for identification and filtering purposes by neighbors. Currently this feature is supported in the ribd routing protocol model only. Configuration Match contributors to any aggregate To match contributors to any BGP aggregate and set attributes (say communities) on said contributor, add an outbound policy with the...
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