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Openstack multi-region problem with CVX

Hi! I have a problem with intergration multi-region Openstack and CVX. Opestack has two region: Miami and Moscow. Configuration neutron plugin region Moscow controller nodes: [ml2_arista] eapi_username=admin eapi_password=Fhpfvfc16 eapi_host = region_name = Moscow use_fqdn = true Configuration CVX in region Moscow: MSK-CVX(config-cvx-openstack-Moscow)#show running-config section cvx ! device: MSK-CVX (vEOS, EOS- ! cvx no shutdown source-interface Management1 ! service openstack no shutdown authentication role admin name-resolution interval 10 ! region Moscow username arista_cvx_msk tenant service password 0 password keystone auth-url provision sync mandatory   Openstack endpoint list: +——–+————–+————–+———+———–+————————————————–+ | Region | Service Name | Service Type | Enabled |...
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VXLAN Unresolved ARPs to

We have stand for test VXLAN between different DCs (schema in attachment). All Leafs connected to CVX server on each DC. And each CVX connected between themeslaves via BGP EVPN. For test in each leaf was connect server with linux and configured port on access VLAN100. Next step I configure assotiation VLAN100 and VNI25100. MAC Lerning good work and on both leaf I see mac-addreses. Connection for vxlan configured in GRE tunnel and has good L3 connectevless. But traffic has no on VNI 25100. I tried to debug this problem and discovered: show vxlan config-sanity category result detail ———————————- ——–...
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