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400GBASE-ZR transceivers TOI

Description 400GBASE-ZR transceiver is the industry’s first multi-vendor DWDM standard, a Digital Coherent Optical module with tunable laser, using DWDM multiplexing and 16QAM modulation and capable of delivering 400G per port over distances up to 120 km. 400GBASE-ZR transceivers are fully interoperable, their functionality and management are specified by CMIS4.0 and subsequent CMIS versions, Coherent 400ZR and Coherent CMIS Implementation Agreements [1,2,3,4] and other OIF documents. On the line side, the module is utilizing a high-performance Concatenated forward-error correction (C-FEC) scheme, which consists of a hard-decision (HD) outer FEC and a soft-decision (SD) inner FEC. 400GBASE-ZR transceivers are available in...
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CFP2-DCO State of Polarization fast tracking

Description: Coherent systems connect data centers over distances of hundreds, even thousands of miles. In some cases, the fiber between two coherent ports is deployed along high speed railways or in the air.  For this type of deployment, environment events such as lightning, may cause very fast State-of-Polarization (SOP) change, resulting in increased bit error rate and even link loss. With enhanced SOP tolerance mode, coherent interface is capable of tolerating very fast SOP changes in all modulation formats, with penalty of reduced OSNR sensitivity.  The feature is configured with CLI command “phy coherent-dsp receiver state-of-polarization tracking fast” Platform compatibility...
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Configurable virtual removal of pluggable transceivers

Description: The feature allows a simulated transceiver removal, without physically touching the module. This can be used for troubleshooting, when physical removal is inconvenient. The feature is configured with the CLI command "[no] transceiver diag simulate removed" in interface configuration mode.  The command takes effect immediately. Platform Compatibility: Supported on all platforms. Limitations: Supports only QSFP+, QSFP100, SFP+, SFP25, OSFP and CFP2 pluggable transceiver types.   Configuration: Configure virtual removal with the CLI interface command, “transceiver diag simulate removed”. In the case of QSFP, apply to the primary interface, …/1 (applying to a non-primary interface will have no effect. As long as virtual...
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Configurable coherent Staircase 7% FEC in DCS-7280SRM-40CX2

Description DCS-7280SRM-40CX2 is a 1RU fixed system, which has two CFP2 ports (41 and 42), capable of hosting either CFP2-DCO, or standard CFP2-100G-LR4/ER4 modules. CFP2-DCO modules integrate coherent DSP into the pluggable module, enabling the switch to deliver up to 200G per port over distance beyond 1200 km. CFP2-DCO transceivers support two coherent Forward Error Correction (FEC) modes: Acacia-proprietary SD-FEC with 15% overhead (the default),  and Staircase 7% overhead FEC, interoperable with 3rd party coherent systems.  This document describes how to configure and troubleshoot Staircase FEC in the switch. Platform compatibility 7280SRM-40CX2 with CFP2-DCO transceivers installed Limitations Staircase 7% FEC is...
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