• Author : Graeme Rennie


Tap Aggregation hardware forwarding profile

Description As of EOS-4.25.2F some advanced Tap Aggregation features require the hardware forwarding profile to be set. On EOS-4.25.2F these features are MPLS Pop and 802.1br-E/VN Tag Stripping. Setting the hardware forwarding profile will not affect the functionality of any other features that are supported while in Tap Aggregation mode. However, changing the forwarding profile does interrupt forwarding for a short period of time while the new configuration is applied. Platform compatibility DCS-7280R3 DCS-7500R3 DCS-7800R3 Configuration The default hardware forwarding profile can be set globally with the “hardware forwarding system profile” command: (config)#hardware forwarding system profile system-profile-tap-aggregation When not in...
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