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vEOS Router Provisioning from CloudVision Portal

Introduction This feature addition in CVP release 2018.2.1, enables users to deploy and provision vEOS from CVP to Azure and AWS. The CVP instance itself can be in a cloud or within a datacenter.   Requisites For deploying vEOS within a cloud, following requirement must be meet: vEOS and later version CVP 2018.2.1 Release vEOS license. Addition of ipsec license is optional based on the deployment. Cloud (AWS/Azure) credentials vEOS deployment parameters including VPC within which the vEOS has to be deployed, subnets and security groups associated with vEOS. IP connectivity from deployed vEOS to CVP.   If CVP...
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Deploy a Transit VPC with vEOS using IGW (Public IP)

Deploy a Transit VPC with vEOS using IGW (Public IP) fanyang@arista.com   This document focuses on the steps to build a Transit VPC solution using Internet Gateway (IGW) vs. VPC peering. There are certain advantages to use IGW as transport. This eliminate the limits on how many VPC peering can be created and gives customer a larger scale deployment. It also enables spoke VPCs to communicate with each other directly with one hop, which can potentially save data cost. Besides, even it’s public ip to public ip communication, if both IPs belong to AWS, AWS will route the traffic through...
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