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MLAG Configuration Check

MLAG currently checks for basic MLAG configuration to be consistent (e.g. domain-id) before formation with the peer. However, there are many other configuration parameters that need to be consistent on both peers for proper behavior and these parameters are not checked in an automatic fashion. This feature detects configuration inconsistencies on an active MLAG pair to make the MLAG configuration process easier and more user friendly. The MLAG agent currently mounts the peer state in order to synchronize operation between the 2 switches that act as the MLAG pair. A new mount point is added to share configuration entitites for...
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DHCP relay across VRF

The EOS DHCP relay agent now supports forwarding of DHCP requests to DHCP servers located in a different VRF to the DHCP client interface VRF. Enabling VRF support for the DHCP relay agent has a prerequisite that Option 82 (DHCP Relay Agent Information Option ) is enabled. Option 82 is used by the DHCP relay agent to insert client specific information to pass on to the DHCP server. The DHCP relay agent will insert Option 82 information into the DHCP forwarded request when the DHCP server belongs to a network on an interface that belongs to a different VRF than the...
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