• Author : Tegar Wicaksono


TAP Aggregation – Traffic Steering to Match Inner Header Fields

Description Traffic steering is an existing Tap Aggregation feature that supports redirection of traffic based on configurable policy map rules. This article describes an extension to Tap Aggregation TCAM profiles that allows matching the inner header fields (either IPv4 or IPv6 inner fields) of encapsulated traffic. The following convention is adopted when describing an encapsulated traffic: <inner-protocol>-over-<outer-protocol>. For example, the IPv4-over-IPv6 packet indicates that the inner fields belong to IPv4 protocol and the outer fields belong to IPv6 protocol. Platform compatibility DCS-7280R/R2/R3 series DCS-7500R/R2/R3 series DCS-7020R series Supported packet types and inner header fields The types of traffic for which...
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