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4-way L2 ECMP support for EVPN VXLAN All-Active Multihoming 

Description As of EOS 4.22.0F, EVPN all-active multihoming is supported as a standardized redundancy solution.  Redundancy provides not only better fault tolerance but also a way to load balance unicast traffic for better efficiency.  The EVPN VXLAN 4-way L2 ECMP feature allows a Customer Edge (CE) to perform Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) unicast VXLAN switching to a remote CE that is multihomed to at most four Provider Edges (PE).  This feature overcomes the existing 2-way ECMP limitation by providing up to 4-way ECMP. Platform compatibility Platform Independent. (Subject to any and all platform compatibility limitations listed in EVPN Extension to...
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VCS to EVPN hitless migration

Description This feature enables support for migrating from only using VCS as the control plane to only using EVPN as a control plane in a hitless manner with respect to L2 reachability information. Platform compatibility Platform Independent (Subject to any and all platform compatibility limitations of both VCS and EVPN) Configuration Assume that initially only VCS is configured as the control plane.  The step-by-step migration process is as follows: Check VCS L2 reachability information in L2Rib: Use the following show commands to verify that L2 reachability information is in L2Rib’s input and output: show l2Rib input vxlan-control-service show l2rib input...
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