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Dot1x Web authentication

Description Dot1x Web authentication feature authenticates a supplicant via a web page, generally referred to as a captive portal, which is why colloquially this feature is also known as captive portal authentication. Redirection to captive portal provides support for guest devices/supplicants that neither speak 802.1X nor can be whitelisted in advance or where 802.1X is not sufficient and an additional web based authentication is required.  Assuming the captive portal authentication is configured on the switch, if the AAA server sends an Arista VSA to mark the start of the web authentication, in radius Access Accept message during the first phase...
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Dynamic CLI Access VLAN

Description Dynamic CLI Access VLAN is a command that sets the effective access VLAN in a port without changing the running configuration. The use case is to provide a means for a network management system to quarantine a port in a special VLAN where the device can update its anti-virus (for instance) before exposing the device to the rest of the network. Configuration The following command in the interface configuration node sets the dynamic CLI access VLAN: (config-if-et1)# switchport access vlan dynamic <VLANID> It’s worth emphasizing that even though this is issued in the interface configuration node, it doesn’t show...
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