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Traffic Engineering with Segment Routing and sFlow

Introduction Segment Routing (SR) solves a number of issues the existing MPLS IP networks face. Among the many benefits of Segment Routing, Traffic Engineering is a key one. Based on live telemetry events, traffic can be steered intelligently across a network using MPLS label paths a.k.a segment lists. The example discussed in this article shows how you can leverage BGP SR policy to alter traffic paths based on sFlow telemetry data. An SR Policy, discussed in detail here, is identified using a 2-tuple of Endpoint and color. Endpoint here refers to a destination prefix while color is a 32-bit BGP extended...
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Robot Framework for Auto Test

Introduction In-house EOS code certification is generally a time consuming process as it involves a lengthy life cycle. At a high-level, the various stages involved are: Setting up the test environment Designing test cases Executing test cases Documenting test results Validating gathered test results As you can imagine, stages 3, 4 and 5 can be the most time consuming as they warrant an error-free execution. Additionally, since image and configuration management would be simplified, most customers would like to have a single EOS version deployed across all their platforms and networks. So certifying code at a brisk pace, on all platforms,...
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Using Jinja Templates on CVP

Why use Jinja? Jinja2 is a user-friendly template engine for Python. It is easy to learn and use, and also fast – as a result, a lot of developers use it these days. It is easy to model since its syntax is quite similar to Python; debugging is easy, in fact quite similar to Python’s debugging capabilities. To install Jinja, download Jinja2 from https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Jinja2 and install it in the /cvp/pythonlab/Lib folder. Usage of Jinja2 on CVP In CVP, we have the facility of creating dynamic configlets which can generate device specific configuration. In our example deployment, we will create a...
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