• Author : Harshith Somaya Somaya


Real-time DDoS Mitigation

Introduction Arista has introduced BGP FlowSpec support to EOS in addition to its long supported sFlow feature. This article demonstrates real-time DDoS mitigation using BGP Remote Triggered Black Hole (RTBH) and FlowSpec. Leveraging Open-Source Tools DDoS Protect is an open source application running on the sFlow-RT real-time analytics engine. The software uses streaming analytics to rapidly detect and characterize DDoS flood attacks and automatically applies BGP remote triggered black hole (RTBH) and/or FlowSpec controls to mitigate their impact. The total time to detect and mitigate an attack is in the order of a second. The combination of  standard telemetry (sFlow) and control (BGP FlowSpec) provide the...
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Introduction Many users have SNMP-based monitoring tools deployed to monitor their tools and generate alerts when issues are detected. The goal is enable CVP to be similarly monitored with these tools and provide basic server-level status information. This enables users to detect basic server faults or resource exhaustion. The goal is not to expose any CVP-specific information (for example which services are up or not) via custom MIBs at this point.   Goal SNMPd on CVP is not enabled by default. Here are the steps to enable SNMP v2 on CVP (traps not configured). The SNMPd package supports v2c, and...
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