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Default QSFP mode support

Description QSFP+ transceiver supports 40G and 4x10G. This feature provides support for changing the default QSFP mode between 40G and 4x10G on all ports with QSFP+ transceivers. Platform compatibility This feature is supported on BCM88690 OSFP ports (with OSFP-QSFP-Adapter), BCM88690 QSFP-DD ports, and BCM88690 straight-through QSFP100 ports. BCM88690 QSFP100 ports with external PHY do not support this feature. The following ports support this feature, DCS-7280CR3-32P4 – Ports 33-36 DCS-7280DR3-32P4 – Ports 33-36 DCS-7280PR3 – all ports DCS-7280DR4 – all ports 7500R3-36CQ – Ports 13-24 7500R3-24P-LC – all ports 7800R3-36P-LC – all ports Configuration On all front panel ports which support...
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Speed-group Management

Description Due to hardware constraints on specific platforms, Ethernet interfaces are grouped together, within which their speeds are restricted depending on additional CLI commands discussed in this document. Each group of Ethernet interfaces is denoted a “speed group”, with configuration and management of the restricted speeds done on each speed group as opposed to each Ethernet interface individually. Each speed group is uniquely identified by the token speed-groupX, where X is composed of numbers and slashes that are vaguely related to Ethernet interfaces, i.e. 5/1. Speed of interfaces  available in a speed group are restricted based on the serdes rates...
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25/50G support on 7500R, 7280R, 7500R2, 7280R2 Series

In EOS-4.18.1, support for 25G/50G is added on 7500R, 7280R, 7500R2 and 7280R2 series. This feature provides forced 25G/50G speed and IEEE802.3 Clause73 auto-negotation (AN) connectivity. This feature allows configuring 25G Consortium AN mode and/or IEEE802.3by AN mode on 25G interface. Platform compatibility DSC-7500R DCS-7280R DSC-7500R2 DSC-7280R2 Configuration Configure forced 25G/50G  speed Arista(config)#interface ethernet 1 Arista(config-if-Et1)#speed forced 25gfull Arista(config)#interface ethernet49/3 Arista(config-if-Et49/3)#speed forced 50gfull Configure 25G/50G AN speed Arista(config)#interface ethernet 1 Arista(config-if-Et1)#speed auto 25gfull Arista(config)#interface ethernet49/3 Arista(config-if-Et49/3)#speed auto 50gfull Configure 25G AN mode Enable IEEE802.3by AN mode only, Arista(config-if-Et1)#phy media 25gbase-cr negotiation standard ieee Enable 25G Consortium AN mode only, Arista(config-if-Et1)#phy media 25gbase-cr negotiation standard consortium Enable...
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