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Benoit is a member of the Yak Shaving Staff at Arista. He works on SDN in the cloudy San Francisco.

Monitoring EOS with tcollector and OpenTSDB

EOS is a Linux distribution (based on Fedora), which means, among other things, that it can be monitored like any Linux server running Fedora.  In this post we show how to package a popular open-source monitoring framework, tcollector, as an EOS extension. A bit of history OpenTSDB is a distributed time series database used for infrastructure monitoring in many medium to large scale environments.  It uses a push model, meaning that OpenTSDB is not responsible for pulling monitoring from a set list of targets to monitor, rather the targets themselves are responsible for pushing their monitoring data to OpenTSDB, be...
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Spotify’s SDN Internet Router

How does one build an Internet-scale router using data center switches and a bit of SDN grease? One solution is what Spotify built with their open-source SIR (SDN Internet Router). Before we go any further, let us address the why. Why would one want to do this? The price-performance ratio between a data center switch and an Internet router is on the order of 10x. Data center switches based on merchant silicon can offer three times the density of high-end routers for a third of the price. For this reason, replacing expensive high-end routers with programmable data center switches using...
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OpenConfig: the emerging industry standard API for network elements

The OpenConfig working group is tackling a number of challenging problems that have hindered multi-vendor network programmability: Creating vendor-independent models to represent all the aspects of a network element; Making these models programmatically accessible and modifiable; Changing from a pull model to a push model, with subscriptions and update streaming. We are very excited about this effort and we believe it has a good chance of succeeding as it is driven by some of the biggest cloud and service provider operators. For the past year, we have been working closely with members of the working group and in particular with...
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