• Author : Jonathan Chu


Coherent PHYs and Optics

The 7500E-6CFPX-LC linecard with ACO CFP2 optics provides connectivity over DWDM systems and links. 7500E-6CFPX-LC currently only supports connections to other 7500E-6CFPX-LC linecards. Platform compatibility DCS-7500E Enhancements for Linear CFP2-ACO Configuration Updated grid spacing values Grid spacings of 25, 12.5, and 6.25 GHz are now available for linear optics. Grid-spacings that are a multiple of these values, for example 37.5 GHz, can use a grid spacing that evenly divides it, for example 12.5 GHz. Arista(config)#interface Ethernet 3/1 Arista(config-if-Et3/1)#transceiver channel 50 grid-spacing 12.5 Configuring roll-off factor The roll-off factor is an important parameter for best link performance, with a range of...
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