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ECN Counters per tx-Queue

Description This feature supports counting ECN-marked packets (ECN = Explicit Congestion Notification) on a per egress port per tx-queue basis.   The feature can be used to gather these packet counts via CLI or SNMP.   There are two cases when an ECN-marked (congestion) packet is counted on the egress port/queue: ECN-marked packet ingresses on a certain port and egresses to a port/queue; i.e., the ECN bit is preserved from ingress to egress. Non ECN-marked ingress packets that are ECN-marked due to congestion. On DCS-7260X, DCS-7250X, DCS-7060X, DCS-7050X, DCS-7010, and DCS-7300X, the packet is also a switch-marked packet (i.e., the...
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