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IP static route with health check

Introduction The purpose is to simplify ip static route with health check does_it_live.py script, it’s easy to enable this feature quickly without complicated programming. This feature leverages the Reachability Health Checks document ( https://eos.arista.com/reachability-health-checks/ ) and does_it_live.py  ( https://github.com/alexisdacquay/does_it_live ) which was made by Alexis Dacquay. Due to Reachability Health Checks(does_it_live.py) support rich parameters, there are mode(icmp/dns), interval, timeout, dampening, source. We just take it and use it. Configuration The following configuration commands have been added as part of this feature support: 1. Create ping check script on Daemon: t3 – timeout 3 seconds, i3 – interval 3 seconds, – ping check ip. configuration:...
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