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ECMP Load Balance Profile Support

Description As of 4.22.1F Load Balance Profiles can be used to explicitly configure ECMP Load Balance parameters. In addition, users can choose from up to 8 hash polynomials instead of the usual 3 for ECMP and LAG (see Limitations). Platform compatibility DCS-7280E DCS-7280R DCS-7280R2 DCS-7280R3 DCS-7020R DCS-7500E DCS-7500R DCS-7500R2 DCS-7500R3 DCS-7800R3 Configuration Load Balance Profile mode This feature extends existing Load Balance Profiles configuration (see https://eos.arista.com/eos-4-15-0f/lag-hashing/ for more information on how to configure load-balance profiles). The user can choose to modify the default profile or create a custom one.  To enter the profile mode issue the following commands. Arista(config)#load-balance policies...
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