• Author : Uday Srinivasan


Static tunnel interface counters on vEOS Router DPDK mode

Description This feature modifies the display format of “show interface Tunnel <num> counters”.  Platform compatibility This feature is for vEOS router DPDK mode (MODE=sfe in /mnt/flash/veos-config) Configuration There are no new configuration commands for this feature. Show  Commands The display format of “show interface tunnel <num> counters” command has changed. It uses a three column display format –  Number of Bytes, Number of Unicast, Number of Multicast packets. switch#show interface tunnel 1 counters Tunnel InOctets InUcastPkts InMcastPkts Tu1 0 0 0 Tunnel OutOctets OutUcastPkts OutMcastPkts Tu1 0 0 0 Old Format switch#show interface tunnel 1 counters Port InOctets InUcastPkts InMcastPkts...
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