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Simultaneous negotiation of IPv6 unicast and 6PE capabilities in BGP

Support for negotiating and receiving IPv6 unicast and IPv6 labeled-unicast (6PE) updates from a BGP peer. Description Some deployments require IPv6 unicast and 6PE capabilities to be negotiated. An example of one such deployment involves learning routes from a route reflector which itself is getting both 6PE and IPv6 unicast routes. The goal of this feature is to add support for configuring both 6PE and IPv6 unicast on a single peer, which were previously mutually exclusive. Platform compatibility This feature would work on all platforms supporting 6PE. Configuration A new command is now available to configure both 6PE and ipv6-unicast:...
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BGP logical OR of multiple community lists in the same match command

Description In the multi-agent routing protocol model, the Bgp agent now supports matching community lists with a logical OR via the route map “match community or-results <community-list-1> <community-list-2>” command (same applies for extended and large communities with “match extcommunity” and “match large-community”). Without this new “or-results”, the default is to compute the logical AND of all provided community lists. Before this new feature one would need to merge existing community lists into one to do a logical OR: Issue: ip community-list COMMLIST1 permit 1:1 ip community-list COMMLIST2 permit 2:2 ! No way to match "COMMLIST1" or "COMMLIST2" in a singe...
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