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The BGP Best-Path Selection Algorithm

Description BGP routing information often contains more than one path to the same destination network. The BGP best-path selection algorithm determines which of these paths should be considered as the best path to that network. The best BGP path (as chosen by the algorithm) is then used as follows: If it is also chosen as the RIB winner (i.e. the winning path from among any other non-BGP paths), it will be installed in the RIB and used to forward traffic to that network. With the multi-agent routing protocol model since EOS-4.23.2, RIB installation can be skipped by using the “bgp...
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BGP Prefix Origin Validation with Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)

Description RPKI provides a mechanism to validate the originating AS of an advertised prefix. EOS support includes: Connecting to RPKI cache server(s) using the RTR protocol and syncing the Route Origin Authorizations (ROA) that have been synced from the global repositories. Validating prefixes received in BGP Update messages either using the ROAs that have been synced, or the Origin Validation State Extended Community attached to the received routes. Using the result of the validation to apply inbound policy in a route map. Platform Compatibility This feature is available on all platforms. Configuration Configuration consists of 3 steps: Configuration of an...
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Support for BGP flowspec + Release Updates

Description EOS 4.21.3F introduces support for BGP Flowspec, as defined in RFC5575 and RFC7674. The typical use case is to filter or redirect DDoS traffic on edge routers. BGP Flowspec rules are disseminated using a new BGP address family. The rules include both matching criteria used to match traffic, and actions to perform on the matching traffic. The rules are programmed into TCAM resources and applied on the ingress ports for which flowspec is enabled. Release Updates EOS 4.22.0 enhancements Added support for redirect over MPLS or GRE Tunnels Added support for traffic-rate action EOS 4.22.1 enhancements Added support for...
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