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Support for Multicast NAT

Description Multicast NAT is a feature that performs NAT translations on multicast traffic. It can be configured under SVIs, routed ports, and Port Channels. Feature History Release Update 4.25.1F Egress SNAT and ingress DNAT Egress Twice NAT 4.26.2F Ingress SNAT and egress DNAT Ingress Twice NAT Platform Compatibility DCS-7050X3 series CCS-720XP series Configuration Configuration of Multicast NAT is similar to the existing NAT CLI configuration commands. Below are sample configurations for setting up static multicast NAT translation. 1) Twice NAT on egress interface Ethernet8 for multicast traffic coming from host ingressing on interface Ethernet7. # Enable Routing switch(config)#ip...
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Lanz Mirroring

Description Lanz Mirroring feature allows users to automatically mirror traffic queued as a result of congestion to either CPU or a different interface.  Platform compatibility 7150S-64 7150S-52 7150S-24 7050QX-32 7050QX-32S 7050SX-72Q 7050SX-64 7050SX-72 7050SX-96 7050SX-128 7050TX-48 7050TX-64 7050TX-72 7050TX-96 7050TX-128 7050TX-72Q 7060CX-32S 7060CX-32S-ES 7060CX2-32S 7060SX2-48YC6 Configuration Enabling LANZ Mirroring LANZ mirroring is disabled by default. In order to enable LANZ mirroring, LANZ must be enabled. Enabling LANZ mirroring will also reserve one port mirroring session. Arista(config)#queue-monitor length mirror Arista(config)#no queue-monitor length mirror Arista(config)#default queue-monitor length mirror Selecting Destination Interface When congestion occurs on any of the LANZ mirroring source interfaces,...
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