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Bash command not responding to & for background task

Hi, I am using EOS version 4.20.11M and it appears that bash commands are not responding to the & (background process). Originally my software launches iperf from the EOS cli “bash timeout 10 iperf (flags) &” which worked in older versions of EOS. Now from the CLI I launch any command ie “bash iperf -s &” or “bash tcpdump &” and then I go to bash to do a “ps -aef” neither of my called apps are processing in the background. (Both examples above I also used “bash timeout 10”. Is this intended and thank you in advance. Thanks, Mike

Arista’s EOS Innovation Enabling Ecosystem Partner Software Development

Network software automation and intelligence is a passion we share as network engineering software developers at Intelligent Visibility, Inc. Creating innovative software solutions in the rising world of software-defined networking (SDN) can prove challenging. The source data that we require for our software is mostly located within the network device’s operating system. In the past accessing this source data has been a serious time investment mainly due to inconsistent API implementation types across different operating systems for many different hardware platforms.

Fan Failure String Status Question

Hi, Sorry for this weird request, but I am looking to know the exact string that EOS will give me in an show environment all command results output? <Snippet from show environmental all – all fans good in this case.> Airflow: front-to-back Fan Tray         Status           Speed ---------------- --------------- ------ 1                Ok                 46% 2                Ok                 46% 3                Ok                 46% 4                Ok                 46% 5                Ok                 46% 6                Ok                 46% Thank you much in advance! Mike

Recommended Minimum EOS Release API?

Arista does a great job posting the Recommended Minimum EOS Release versions however it requires partner level access (the information I have found thus far). I would like to programmatically access this information and I was hoping that Arista might have this information in a RestFUL API or at a minimum a public web link? Any help is appreciated.   Thank you again, Mike Cotrone

Possible eAPI Bug when sending commands?

Hi again guys, I am not sure if this is expected behavior for eAPI on v4.1.7M and v4.1.8M. Issue: 1. If you web (http or 2. Issue three commands chained together in the text format: 2a. The first is a valid command of “show ip route” 2b. The second is not a valid command of “show hardware” 2c. The third command is valid of “show inventory” 3.  Submit these three commands and you would expect three results back. First result showing you the “ip route” results, the second results saying that the “show hardware” is “Invalid input (at token...
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Public Access Arista Switch?

Hi, I am trying to find a real Arista switch that is publicly accessible to further regression test our software package. I need to test all of my socket poll, fail, and retry timers. vEOS has been working great, but I was hoping to try the package up against a switch that has some Internet serialization/propagation delay. Thank you much in advance, Mike Cotrone

vEOS v4.13.8M Cant issue IP ROUTING command

I have been using vEOS v4.13.7M perfectly and I upgraded one of my VM’s to 4.13.8M to fix the eAPI documentation link bug. Everytime I try to enable “ip routing” it kicks back the command with “% Unavailable command (not supported on this hardware platform). I compared all of my VM settings and everything matches my working .7M versions. Did something change? Thank you in advance!

Supported Commands for eAPI?

Hi, Is there a link to a document that shows the supported commands for the eAPI using JSON/ text format? I need to decide how to filter out the commands that aren’t supported in the eAPI.   Thank you very much, Mike

vEOS Documentation URL Link broken

I am running vEOS version 4.13.7M-1877079.4137M.1 and when I click on the “Command Documentation Link” in the eAPI Explorer it says that the link is broken. URL: Message Received: page /documentation.html not found   Is this expected? thank you in advance, Mike Cotrone


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