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User-defined tunnel RIBsĀ 

Description EOS generates a single system-defined tunnel RIB for next hop resolution. When tunnels to the same destination address are learned from multiple protocols, a fixed preference that is associated with each protocol is used to determine the winning tunnel. This feature allows the creation of user-defined tunnel RIBs with: control over which protocols may contribute to the tunnel RIB the ability to override the preference for all tunnels from a protocol in order to achieve non-default ordering of tunnels the option to use it in a context where the system-defined tunnel RIB does not suffice Platform compatibility Resolution of...
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IPv6 ND Proxy

Description This feature makes a switch act as a neighbor discovery proxy for an IPv6 subnets. It can be used in conjunction with BUM suppression to turn all packet forwarding from switching to routing. Platform compatibility 7050SX3-48YC12 7050CX3-32S On the 7308 and 7304 modular systems this feature is supported with the following line cards: 7300X3-32C-LC 7300X3-48YC4-LC Configuration The feature can be activated on a per-VLAN basis, and is available in both default and non-default VRFs. As an example, consider a topology where two hosts in VLAN 100 are connected to the switch on Ethernet 1 and Ethernet 2, with IPv6...
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