• Author : Kenneth Duda


Why Java APIs and Industry-Standard CLIs are Different

In the past few years, the tech industry has watched with increasing concern as various entrenched participants have brandished copyright law as a weapon to stifle competition and innovation. Recently, we have been treated to yet another novel claim: that after over a decade of broad adoption, the industry-standard set of commands that a user types into a command line interface (or CLI) to configure a network device is subject to copyright. This startling claim raises many questions, but today I want to address one in particular: What effect, if any, does the recent decision in Oracle v. Google have...
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Linux as a Switch Operating System: Five Lessons Learned

Arista spent the last nine years building a switch operating system based on Linux, including nearly six years of field experience. Here are five lessons we learned along the way. Lesson 1. It’s okay to leave the door unlocked. We weren’t the first to put Linux on a switch, but we were the first to leave it open. By “open”, I mean that an administrator can get a root shell on the switch, with access to all of the standard Linux tools from awk to zip. A few naysayers believed that customers would run with scissors, hurt themselves, and blame...
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