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Egress traffic-policing support for L3 subinterface

Description Egress traffic-policing can be applied on L3 Ethernet subinterfaces for outbound traffic. Platform Compatibility 7050SX3  7050TX3  7050CX3  720XP   Configuration arista(config)#class-map type qos match-any c1 arista(config-cmap-qos-c1)#match ip/ipv6 access-group abc < matching ACL to be rate-limited> arista(config)#policy-map type quality-of-service p1 arista(config-pmap-quality-of-service-p1)#class c1 arista(config-pmap-c-quality-of-service-p1-c1)#police rate X mbps burst-size Y bytes arista(config)#interface ethernet 1.1 arista(config-if-Et1.1)#service-policy output p1 Show Commands  The following command displays the subinterfaces to which the egress policy is attached arista(config)#show policy-map p1 summary Service-policy output: p1 Hardware programming status: Successful Number of class maps: 2 Configured on: Ethernet1.1 Active on: Ethernet1.1 Inactive on: arista(config)#show policy-map p1 Service-policy output: p1 Hardware...
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