• Author : Thomas Giarratana


Partial Multipath-Relax Based on First N ASNs

Description This feature extends the “bgp bestpath as-path multipath-relax” command with the optional “match <n>” rule. Whereas the previous capabilities allowed BGP multipath selection to check either the entirety of two AS_PATHs or ignore the contents of the AS_PATHs when forming ECMP, this option allows for a more fine tuned configuration of what portion of an AS_PATH is compared against another to form ECMP.  By specifying a match value (n), BGP multipath selection will compare the first n elements of two AS_PATHs for equality to determine if the two AS_PATHs qualify for ECMP.  This feature is available with the multi-agent...
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Event Monitor: IPv6 Route and IPv6 Neighbor Support

Description This feature extends the capabilities of event monitor to include IPv6 Route and IPv6 Neighbor event logging. Platform compatibility This feature is platform independent. Configuration Ipv6 Route/Neighbor Event Monitor is configurable with the following: [no] event-monitor {route6, neighbor} Show Commands As with other event-monitors, IPv6 events are displayed through the following command: show event-monitor {route6, neighbor} Event-monitors can also be queried using SQL commands: (config)# show event-monitor sqlite select * from route6 (config)# show event-monitor sqlite select * from route6 WHERE route6.prefix='2001:db8::/32'; Syslog Messages No additional syslog messages.


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