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Sharing BGP update groups between similar RCF functions

Description In EOS, BGP creates different update groups based on the outbound configuration. Different route maps or Routing control functions (RCF) result in different update groups. A user can configure multiple RCF functions with functionally identical contents intended for use as outbound configuration for various peers. For example a user may wish to have a unique RCF function per peer, even though all of these RCF functions are identical. This would allow the user to modify the policy for a specific peer without impacting other peers. This enhancement allows a user to choose the above pattern without incurring the memory...
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Route Map Debugging CLI 

Description This document describes a new CLI command to help debug how and why route maps permit and deny paths. The aim of this CLI command is for the user to debug a route map by specifying as input a prefix for which BGP has reachability for, either via a BGP peer or a redistribe source. The path information for this prefix is then used in the evaluation of a route map. The route map can be specified by the user, but if none is specified the route map applied to the peer is used. Any route map configured can...
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