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Using tcpdump for troubleshooting

tcpdump is a command line packet sniffer (built into Linux) that is used to assist in troubleshooting network problems. Any traffic coming to or from the control plane of the Arista is visible when running the tcpdump utility on the Arista.  This does not include data plane traffic transiting the Arista – for capturing this type of traffic, Arista Aristaes support Monitor / SPAN ports which can be used to copy traffic to a sniffer or to other suitable capture device for analysis. tcpdump allows users to instantly analyse important traffic such as Spanning Tree and routing protocols, as well...
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Password recovery / Return to factory default

This article describes how to restore administrative access to a switch if the user password, enable password or Aboot (Arista boot loader) password is lost and also how to restore the switch to a factory default state. Password recovery using Aboot If the switch’s username/password are lost, there are two methods by which the password can be reset: Edit the startup-config: from Aboot, go to /mnt/flash (using cd) and edit the startup-config (using VI) delete the username line from the configuration save the file and exit Aboot login with the default username (admin), enter enable mode and set a new...
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