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Etherchannel detailed error

show etherchannel detailed =============== Exception raised in ‘Cli [interac -d -i –dlopen -p -f -l li bLoadDynamicLibs.so procmgr libProcMgrSetup.so –daemonize ‘ (PID 19146; PPID 19 142) =============== Local variables by frame (innermost frame last): File “/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/CliPlugin/LagCli.py”, line 1059, in doS howPortChannel activeMembers = [‘Ethernet17’, ‘PeerEthernet17’] allPorts = True brief = False cfg = channelGroupIdList = None channels = [‘Port-Channel2’, ‘Port-Channel3’, ‘Port-Channel4’, ‘ Port-Channel5’, ‘Port-Channel6’, ‘Port-Channel7’, ‘Port-Channel8’, ‘Port-Channel 9’, ‘Port-Channel10’, ‘Port-Channel11’, ‘Port-Channel12’, ‘Port-Channel13’, ‘Por t-Channel14’, ‘Port-Channel15’, ‘Port-Channel16’, ‘Port-Channel17’, ‘Port-Channe l18’, ‘Port-Channel19’, ‘Port-Channel20’] elic = elicd = <LazyMount._Proxy for entity(‘/ar/Sysdb/interface/con –More– Command: show etherchannel detailed =============== Exception raised in ‘Cli [interac -d...
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Tag VLAN ID on port interface

I would to ask that I have a computer which is sending untagged traffic on switch interface eth20. I want to tag that traffic with vlan 20. how can i do this? what command i run on switch interface eth20 to make it tagged VLAN 20.

Stacking with SFP+ ports

How can i stack the DCS-7050T switches on SFP+ ports? please guide the procedure or share the configuration.

Arista DCS-7050T-52-SSD-R Stacking

Hi, I would like to ask as we are all aware of that Arista DCS-7050T-52 don’t have Stack Port/Module. is there any possibility to Stack the switches. I have four switches and I also don’t want to go with MLAG. please suggest? Another question: have two Switches (DCS-7050 x 2(A & B)) One Server two NICs teaming(LACP) (One NIC is connected to Port 17 on Switch A and another NIC is connected to Port 17 on switch B) I want to Aggregate the Server NICs at Switch Level.So, that server is available all time and also don’t want to waste...
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