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custom ovf for veos

HI, Is it possible to customise vEOS ovf template? I want to configure static ip in ovf template. So when i deploy the ovf, i can set the ip address, netmask and gateway. Regards, Anand

“show run” eAPI response

Hello All, I wanted to parse some values from eAPI output of “show running-config” of a device. I have attached the sample response from one of my device. In this, the commands are not split in “key” and “value” format. I.e. for eg. “ip address” should be the “key” and actual IP should be its “value”. But ip address and actual IP coming in “key” part and value part shows “null”. Is there an alternate way to utilise this output to parse the value? Also when can we expect show run output in parsable format? Thanks in advance!

PACL and VACL in Arista?

Hi,   Is there a concept in Arista for Port ACL and VlanACL(VACL) ? How we can apply security policies in vlan level?   Regards, Anand

vrf configuration in vEOS instances

Hi All, I have a vEOS instance as well as a Arista hardware box. I was trying to configure vrf in both. In hardware box it was easy to configure and was able to ping my gateway using ping vrf <newvrf> <IP> command. The same configuration i tried in vEOS but it is not pinging. Is there any special config to enable vrf in vEOS? Both are in same LAN and has common gateway. The gateway is lying in a Cisco device which is out of my access. From vEOS i can do self ping, but none other IPs in...
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need to save configuration in ZTP

Hi Everyone..,   Through eAPI is it possible to save the switch configuration in Arista Switches when it is working in ZTP mode? Once it is saved i dont have any problem if ZTP is desabled. But i shouldn’t loose the configuration which did when it is in ZTP mode.   Thanks in Advance. Anand

command to fetch tcam usage

Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me how(command) to fetch the TCAM usage in Arista switch? Is this is applicable in vEOS as well?   Thanks in Advance, Anand


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