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How do I enable configure commands via HTTP API?

I'm working with a 7050s which has the http interface enabled and I am able to post non-privileged show commands and receive successful json output (e.g. show interfaces).  However, when I attempt to execute a command that requires configuration mode the command fails with the error message: ' 'configure' failed: invalid command.'   Executing 'show privilege' from the client indicates that the privilege level is 1, and so I assumed that by assigning the default privilege of 15 to the user that the configure command would be successful.  After adding a user: username newuser privilege 15 secret 0 ######  role...
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In the output of sh vlan brief command output what are ‘PEt’ interfaces

When I execute the command “sh vlan brief” in the output I see a few interfaces with “PEt” (see below). What exactly are these interfaces where are they coming from?   Core_Router# sh vlan brief VLAN  Name                             Status    Ports ----- -------------------------------- --------- ------------------------------- 1     default                          active 563   User_Segment1           active    Cpu, Et9, Et10, Et11, Et12 Et13, Et14, Et15, Et16, Et17 PEt9, PEt10, PEt11, PEt12 PEt13, PEt14, PEt15, PEt16 PEt17, Po100

How to disable spanning tree?

Is there a way to disable Spanning Tree on Arista switches? I checked that you can do it per-vlan, but is there a global option?

How to get OSPF to work with Cisco without authentication?

If i configure an interface Ethernet 24 as follows: interface Ethernet24 no switchport ip address ip ospf cost 1 ip ospf authentication message-digest ip ospf authentication-key Test01! And the other side, a Cisco 4900 series switch, as follows: interface TenGigabitEthernet1/52 no switchport ip address ip ospf authentication message-digest ip ospf authentication-key Test01! ip ospf cost 1 I get the following OSPF errors on Arista side: Apr 13 12:33:39 Switch1 Rib: OSPF: invalid Hello (1) packet -> Invalid authentication key (24) Apr 13 12:34:44  Rib: last message repeated 7 times Apr 13 12:35:52  Rib: last message...
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How do you enable ports on the switch?

I started configuring an Arista 7150 switch:  I created two VLANs (VLAN 10 and VLAN 20) and assigned the front panel ports to the two VLANs (ports 1-12 assigned  to VLAN 10, ports 13-24 assigned to VLAN 20).  The VLANs are active, but none of the ports seem to be enabled (even though when I run the command to see the configured ports for each VLAN, all if the ports show up in the output). I attempted to run ‘no shutdown’ for each port in order to enable the interfaces, with no luck (although I was able to confirm that...
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