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VMWare NSX-T 3.0 EVPN Type 5 Integration with Arista Gateways

Introduction VMWare NSX-T 3.0 introduced support for EVPN Type-5 integration which allows efficient multi-tenant L3 exchange between VMWare NSX-T Edge and external gateways. The following graph should visualize life before and after the EVPN Type5 support: Instead of having 802.1q trunk interface with L3 sub-interface per VRF, we now can have a single routed interface with just a single BGP EVPN session. This greatly reduces configuration overhead on both sides. This article will describe all necessary steps required to test this feature against Arista EOS devices. Test Setup Let us assume we already have running EVPN/VXLAN fabric with Symmetric IRB...
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Wireshark LUA dissector for “Mirroring to GRE with Timestamping” feature

Description Time stamping is an important tool for network engineering and performance analysis. EOS-4.21.3F adds support for payload timestamping of all GRE encapsulated mirrored packets at line rate (only supported on the 7500R/7280R/7500R2/7280R2 series). A timestamp is taken on ingress and inserted into the GRE encapsulated mirrored packet payload at egress. More details about this feature can be found at https://eos.arista.com/eos-4-21-3f/mirroring-to-gre-timestamping This feature introduces an enhancement to Arista Timestamp Header Wireshark Dissector described in https://eos.arista.com/analyzing-packet-header-timestamps-in-wireshark/ How to Use All necessary steps on how to use new Wireshark Dissector described at https://github.com/mpergament/wireshark-arista-tagagg-dissector


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