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DCS-7260QX-64 port limitations

DCS-7260QX-64 port limitations Description Due to the external phy chip in the DCS-7260QX-64 platform, speed configurations on the QSFP front panel ports are handled differently than most platforms. Each of the QSFP ports is not able to split into 4 lanes as on other platforms. Instead, there is a limited capability to use one of these ports with a QSFP to SFP adapter at a speed of 10g or 1g. Configuring a port in this way has some limitations which are explained below. Platform compatibility Only applies to DCS-7260QX-64. Configuration While it is possible to configure 10g or 1g on...
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DCS-7260CX3 128x25G

Description In previous software releases, some interfaces on DCS-7260CX3 behaved differently from normal interfaces. When configured for single lane speeds such as 25g and 10g, these interfaces were only able to breakout into 2 interfaces (/1 and /3 instead of /1-4). These interfaces no longer have this restriction and can be broken out into 4 interfaces as normal. The affected interfaces are: Ethernet1/1-12/4,21/1-44/4,53/1-64/4. The rest of the interfaces, Ethernet13/1-20/4,45/1-52/4, have always been capable of using all four interfaces. Platform Compatibility DCS-7260CX3 Configuration The affected interfaces can be configured normally, for instance: switch(config-if-Et21/1-4)#speed forced 25gfull Show Commands Normally, inactive interfaces will...
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