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L3 Subinterface Shaping

Description Subinterfaces divide a single ethernet or port channel interface into multiple logical L3 interfaces based on the 802.1q tag (VLAN ID) of incoming traffic. Subinterfaces are commonly used in the L2/L3 boundary device, but they can also be used to isolate traffic with 802.1q tags between L3 peers by assigning each subinterface to a different VRF. L3 subinterface shaping + VRF is also supported. Platform compatibility DCS-7280R Series DCS-7280R2 Series DCS-7500R Series DCS-7500R2 Series DCS-7280R3 Series (as of 4.25.1F) DCS-7500R3 Series (as of 4.25.1F) DCS-7800R3 Series (as of 4.25.1F) Configuring shaping on Subinterface To configure shaping on subinterface: Step...
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Securing EOS CLI

Objective This Tech Tip is intended to provide Arista EOS users with the configuration guidelines and best practices to enable secure management plane protocols according to IT industry security standards. It is not the objective of this document to set the foundations or rules of a company security policy or a password policy. Note: This document is not intended to set company security or password policy. Ultimate responsible to define and apply an end-to-end IT security policy is the responsibility of the end user and must takeĀ into account any regulations directly related with company activities. Arista EOS includes a wide...
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