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Fast Poll Counters

Fast poll counters allow for rapid collection of a basic set of MAC counters on supported platforms at a very high frequency. Description The fast poll counters collect the basic MAC counters for all front panel interfaces at a high frequency. The data may be useful input to load balancing, or other resource reallocation algorithms. Most likely this sort of functionality will be performed by a program running on the switch to avoid delays and variability introduced by transferring the data off the switch. The fast poll counters include the following objects: inUcastPkts inMulticastPkts inBroadcastPkts inOctets outUcastPkts outMulticastPkts outBroadcastPkts outOctets...
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LDP on Specified Interfaces

Description This feature allows customers to run Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) on a subset of the interfaces that run Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). Previously and currently by default, LDP runs on all interfaces that have MPLS enabled.  Platform compatibility Platform independent — runs anywhere MPLS is available. Configuration The configuration to enable LDP only on specific interfaces requires two pieces of configuration beyond normal MPLS/LDP configuration: A set of interfaces with LDP enabled A global LDP setting to disable running LDP everywhere LDP only runs on interfaces where MPLS is running. Once IP/MPLS are enabled globally, LDP will run on...
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