• Author : Anant Jain


How to build and install DPDKCap

Introduction DPDKCap is high performance packet capture tool based on DPDK. This guide explains how to build, install and use DPDKCap on a CentOS 7 based system. Arista Fork : https://github.com/aristanetworks/dpdkcap Assumptions CentOS 7 Linux NVMe capture drive (not mandatory but recommended for line rate capture) Running as root user CPU & NIC combination that supports DPDK System used to validate performance Manufacturer: Supermicro Part number: SYS-E300-8D Processor: Intel Xeon CPU D-1518 Memory: 2x Micron 9ASF1G72PZ-2G3A1 8GB DIMMs HDD: Samsung 860 PRO SSD 4TB NVMe: Samsung 960 EVO 1TB Build steps Create a directory at /data and format and mount...
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