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ZTP Boot Process with CloudVision

Platforms: EOS Switch Versions 4.17.3F and above CloudVision Versions 2018, 2019, 2020 Summary: Zerotouch Provisioning (ZTP) is available on all Arista switches and is enabled by default or after a factory reset.  CloudVision (CVP), Arista’s Configuration Management and Streaming Telemetry tool comes with ZTP installed.  The combination of ZTP and CVP provides a simplistic workflow to onboard new switches into your environment. Prerequisites CloudVision installed and running DHCP Service providing Option 67 Bootstrap information Switch in Factory Default mode (ZTP enabled) Network Reachability between Switch and CVP ZTP Server Example Setup In this setup, CloudVision ZTP service and the switch...
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CVP Container and Configlet Design Guidelines

Platforms: All CloudVision (CVP) versions supported Purpose: The purpose of this document is to provide a starting point for those wanting to take advantage of CloudVision’s provisioning capabilities through the use of shared configlets that are pushed out to devices under a particular container. Summary: CloudVision manages Arista Switch configurations through the use of Containers and Configlets.  The Container layout is completely arbitrary and allows the customer flexibility and alignment to their organization’s mode of operation.  Containers are a hierarchical structure of Parent-Child relationships, similar to Active-Directory.  Configlets represent a snippet of a switch configuration.  The full configuration of a...
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Configuration Change Email Notification

Using Event-Handler Feature, you can send an email notification whenever the Startup Configuration has been modified.  Below is the basic setup required to configure the email client and Event-Handler. Email Client The following email client configuration utilizes Gmail as the SMTP server with user itnetops@example.com as the authorized user to send emails.  It also uses TLS as the transport to Gmail.  Any valid SMTP server can be used for this function. email   from-user itnetops@example.com   server smtp.gmail.com   auth username itnetops@example.com   auth password <password>   tls You may also specify a different host port to the server (server host:port) if needed.   Event-Handler...
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Configure Daemon Script to Collect Data

Summary The EOS daemon command is typically used to run TerminAttr (Streaming Telemetry Agent) on Arista switches. The daemon command can also be used to create custom daemon processes to do just about anything you wish. It can be useful in troubleshooting and collecting data over a period of time. In the example below, we create a bash script that runs 4 show commands and adds a timestamp to the log and repeats the process every 5 seconds. The output of the script commands are stored in an agents file located in /var/log/agents. Create Script File From the switch, drop...
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