• Author : Bhavin Patel


MoG Scaling Improvements

Description Currently, for any Mpls over Gre (MoG) Tunnel we allocate eedb resources for each resource type. For example, one entry in the next hop group of mpls over gre type looks like this: “push label-stack 1000 tunnel-destination” and another entry in next hop group looks like this, “push label-stack 1001 tunnel-destination”. In this case, we allocate eedb resources for mpls labels 1000 and 1001. We also allocate eedb resources for ip tunnel twice. With MoG Scaling improvements, we will allocate only one eedb resource for ip tunnel and reduce resource allocation. It allows sharing eedb...
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Chip level next-hop backup failover support

Description This feature allows failover to backup path to occur in constant time per interface going down for features such as RSVP link protection, RSVP node protection, TI-LFA link protection, and BGP PIC. Without this feature enabled, it would take time proportional to the number of paths going over the interface experiencing the link down event to failover to the backup path. With this feature enabled, the failover time would be constant regardless of the number of paths. For example, if a given link has 1000 LSPs going over it that are all protected with a backup next-hop, the convergence...
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