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Support for deleting link bandwidth extended community without specifying value (“set extcommunity lbw delete”) or with specified AS number (“set extcommunity lbw asn delete”)

Description This feature extends link bandwidth extended community deletion mechanism, which previously always required specifying the exact community value (both BGP AS number and link bandwidth value), to now allow deletion of link bandwidth extended community attribute from path attribute without having to specify exact community value or with just specifying the BGP AS number.  The TOI which describes link bandwidth extended community deletion mechanism as it existed previously can be found here.  Note that this extended support for this mechanism is only supported in the multi-agent routing protocol model. Platform compatibility This feature is platform independent. Configuration The following...
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Support for showing last update timestamp in show rib route 

Description The CLI command “show rib route ip[ipv6]” and its sub-commands (e.g. “show rib route ip bgp”) displays information on routes present in the Routing Information Base table for each of the provided routing protocol (e.g. Bgp, OSPF, ISIS, etc.). Additionally to the existing information, the command will now also display the time since a route was last updated in the routing table when in multi-agent mode. This additional information would allow a network operator to check if and when a route was updated in the routing table to correlate possible network issues caused by routing updates (e.g. traffic now...
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Support for UCMP “adjust auto” (multi-agent)

Description Unequal-cost multi-path (UCMP) for BGP is a mechanism for forwarding ECMP route traffic using weights, with which the next hops of those routes are programmed in the FIB. This is done using BGP by disseminating BGP link-bandwidth extended community attribute information with BGP routes, such that the receiver device of all routes programs the next hops in the FIB using the received link-bandwidth values. This feature appends the percentage of interface speed with a route’s received link bandwidth extended community value. The idea is to rebalance the weight ratio of the traffic sent over egress ports, such that we...
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BGP shutdown and reset communication (multi-agent)

Description This feature implements support for RFC8203/BIS so that users can attach the reason of BGP instance or peer session administrative shutdown or hard reset to the BGP Cease Notification sent to the peers. Platform compatibility This feature is platform independent and only available when multi-agent mode is enabled. Configuration Below is a list of all possible configurations under this feature: (config-router-bgp)# shutdown [reason REASON] (config-router-bgp)# neighbor ( addr | peer-group) shutdown [reason REASON] (config-router-bgp)# clear [ip | ipv6] bgp [(neighbor (addr | peer-group)) | * ] [vrf (all | default | VRFNAME)] [reason REASON] Note that attaching ‘reason REASON’...
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