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Monitor session enhancements

Description This article describes some enhanced mirroring configurations in addition to the ones described in https://eos.arista.com/advanced-mirroring-features/. Monitor Session on Mirroring Destination Overview An interface can be both RX (ingress) source and destination of different monitor sessions at the same time.  Platform compatibility DCS-7020 DCS-7280SE DCS-7500E DCS-7280R DCS-7280R2 DCS-7500R DCS-7500R2 Configuration The following commands configure Ethernet interface 2 to be the RX source of monitor session s2 and the destination of monitor session s1. switch(config)#monitor session s1 source Et1 switch(config)#monitor session s1 destination Et2 switch(config)#monitor session s2 source Et2 rx switch(config)#monitor session s2 destination Et3 Show Commands The above configurations can...
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DSCP Mask for IPv4 and IPv6 ACLs

Description This article describes the support for specifying DSCP mask in IPv4 and IPv6 access-lists. DSCP mask can be used to match multiple DSCP values in a single ACL rule. Platform compatibility DCS-7020R DCS-7280E DCS-7280SE DCS-7280R DCS-7280R2 DCS-7280R3 DCS-7500E DCS-7500R DCS-7500R2 DCS-7500R3 Configuration After a DSCP value is configured in an IPv4 or IPv6 ACL rule, an operator can configure an optional DSCP mask. A bit set to 1 in the mask indicates to ignore the corresponding value bit. A bit set to 0 in the mask indicates to match exactly the corresponding value bit. In the following examples, the...
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Security ACL Filtered Mirroring

Description This article describes the support for Filtered Mirroring using security ACL. The user can selectively mirror packets based on the statement in the configured IPv4, IPv6 or MAC ACL. Platform compatibility DCS-7020 DCS-7280SE DCS-7500E DCS-7280R DCS-7280R2 DCS-7280R3 DCS-7280SR3 DCS-7500R DCS-7500R2 DCS-7500R3 DCS-7800R3 Change Log 4.23.0F – initial release Support for egress IPv4 ACL 4.24.1F Support for egress MAC ACL 4.24.2F Support for ingress IPv4, IPv6 and MAC ACLs 4.26.0F Support for egress IPv6 ACL on R3 Series Configuration Unlike Ingress Filtered Mirroring, where the ACL is attached to a mirror session, Security ACL Filtered Mirroring is configured using port...
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